We would like to draw your attention to the planned change in the system of parking and entrance to the complex from 1.1.2021

Dear all, in connection with the increasing legitimate requirements for increased control of the legitimacy of the use of leased parking spaces in the TECHNICPARK complex, let us acquaint you with the changes in the parking system. Based on the comments and wishes of the users of the complex and in order to ensure order in the operation of the complex, we present regime measures regulating parking, transport and entry.

A parking card + parking space designation will be issued for each rented parking space
• Checking the parking card will allow entry to the premises.
• This card will only entitle you to park in one specific parking space.
• The loading and unloading rules will be governed by the operating rules.
• For stays longer than the free period, stay will be charged.
• The list of parking spaces, including markings, will be specified in the contract.
• The parking space marking will be located behind the vehicle windshield when parking.
• The legitimacy of parking at a specific location will be checked by security guards.


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